Init + 4 HD: 4 STR 0 (n/a) DEX 15 (+2) MIND 0 (n/a) SIZE Small 5×5
ATTACKS: Soul-suck: x1 +4 blah blah blah
or Bite: + 4 crunch munch crunch
DEFENSE: 16 MDefense 17 AV 3 DR 5 Half as fast as a man in daylight; twice as fast at night

hp 34

DRAINING TOUCH (any contact with “live” critter results in cold damage (1d4 COLD derived) & MIND damage (1 point if FORT Save fails); ghost-touch delivery vs. AC & natural AV adjustments
COWARDLY (is fearful (and will flee) under the following circumstance(s): bright light, delivery of 15 + damage, or when reduced to 10 or fewer hp
GUST (can generate a non-damaging, normal wind of chilling air as a normal action) x1 encounter, inside a 30 ft space for 1 rnd (will extinguish torches, candles, etc)
IMMUNITY (immune to all mind control, continuous)
GHOSTLY never ‘solid’, can ‘glide’ through solid objects
IMPERVIOUS (cannot be hurt by COLD; physical attacks must be magical to have a chance of ‘hitting/damaging’ it’s GHOSTLY body (equivalent 20 % per +1.negates damages from physical attacks)
SNEAK (Being quiet, hiding, etc) + ?, silent as, well, a ghost
TRACK (smell & hearing senses of human on steroids) + ? pretty darn good

Has no physical strength; cannot even push around a piece of paper – let alone shove a man about.


Carries no loot.


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