Inside the Red Pharaoh's Pyramid
Taking a chance alone

After braving solo passage on a sand skimmer across the dust sea from the Nile oasis, Aquata put ashore on a rocky island seemingly devoid of life.

Following the very excellent instructions of her map, she made her way a very dry and dusty maze encircling the pyramid. Just under an hour, after lunch, she stood before a pair of 10ft tall doors.

They were open a smidge. Peering inside she noted moving rats on the floor, but her infravision failed to reveal the zombie standing motionless just inside.

She tried for quiet, but the ancient hinges shrieked in protest as she pushed them aside to make her way within.

Aquata travels East
in search of the Red Pharoah

Looking at the map spurred her lust for adventure. After buying a horse with clink she exchanged for the family trinkets, Aquata packed up a few bags and took off due East.

Following the caravan route, she ran smack dab into a murder of harpies- three filthy, ugly brutes. The fight was short but bloody. Aquata ran one thru the belly and chopped the head off another in just a few short seconds. The last harpy runt high-tailed it for the safety of deep woods. No loot, but a good experience.

Teya's D&D Intro

Setting off to make her own destiny, Aquata (a young half-elf fighter) helps Auntie Mavis recover a family heirloom (a ring) from the local haunted crypt.

After poking around the grounds, she climbed into the mauselium to find dear dead great-gramps Harold in his sepulcher. She rolled his bones over and, underneath, she hit paydirt… plus the noggin of a nosy skeleton who couldn’t mind his own business. She left the tomb with a handsome loot list: feather quill, ink, a dagger, some golden trinkets, a treasure map titled “Beware the Red Pharoah”, and the ring too.


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