Tophat +1


Wear or keep this power’d tophat within reach as it enhances your PC level by + 1 (choose which CLASS it affects) in all ways, shapes & forms. Note- stripped it, impoundment, blown down the street, etc negate enhancement immediately.

UNIVERSAL WHISPER Anyone you can see, you may whisper to (they hear your whispered voice No SAVE because it emanates right next to their ear. Others potentially could hear it under the right circumstances: nearness, sharp ears, magic etc).
VAST NOURISHMENT An apple a day – well – keeps hunger at bay. All. Day. Eating a pie or equivalent portion size of food is all it takes to fuel your body for 24 hours. You may choose to eat more often, if only to fit or “blend” with normal folk. Note- eating above and beyond a pie does not stockpile for future days.
VAST SNOOZE Wearer gains the benefit of 8 solid hours of sleep after only 1 hour of slumber.

All above effects are considered 20th level regarding resistance/suppression.


Tophat +1

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