Combat Basic

Your character has an attack bonus for each type of attack. Write down their totals.

Melee attack bonus = STR + level (use with body weaponry; eg. claws or arm-extensions; eg. swords)

Missile attack bonus = DEX + level (use with missile throwers; eg. bow, spears or small arms; eg. pistol, rifles)

Power attack bonus = MIND + level (spells or abilities; eg. fireballs)

Your character has a Defense score, which indicates how hard they are to hit and a Mental Defense score, which indicates how hard it is for the supernatural to influence their mind. Worn protection (and some critters natural hide) has an Armor Value (AV). It increases Defense by its value and reduces damage by the same number.

Defense score = 10 + DEX + AV + level

Mental Defense score = 10 + MIND + Charisma + level

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Combat Basic

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