Damage, Injury

When your character hits another character in combat, they do damage to that character’s hit points. Your character’s weapon or power will show you what to roll for damage. Add your character’s STR to melee damage. Subtract this damage from your opponent’s HP. If this reduces their HP to 0 or lower, you have caused your opponent an injury. Any damage taken when a character’s HP are at 0 causes another injury.

Critical Hits
If you roll a 20 when seeing if your character hits their opponent, your character makes a critical hit. Don’t roll your damage normally- you deliver maximum damage. The opponent takes this damage and also takes an injury (below).

Most Critters die immediately upon hitting zero HP. Roll 2d6 and consult the Injury Table to see the effects of a character’s injury. If the character already has an injury, subtract 1 from the result for each previous injury. All of these options are abstract and should be described by the GM and players as it makes sense.

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Damage, Injury

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