Race Lvl Adj. Stat Bonus Skill Adj Misc. 1 Misc. 2
Ferals 1 + 1 MIND +1 Survival + 1 to shoot any bow
2 +1 Sneaky + 3 bonus hp
3 + 1 Survival
4 + 3 bonus hp
5 + 1 choice
6 +1 Sneaky
8 + 3 bonus hp
10 + 1 choice

Before humans came out West, ferals had been living here a long time. There’s all types of ferals, and some get by with humans alright and some don’t. It’s not easy to tell which tribes are which. Most ferals live in the the wild, but they trade in town. A few end up living in town and taking up human ways. They can make a baby with humans, but it ends up just being a real good-looking feral.

Ferals look like lean, rawboned humans with shark-like teeth, sunken cheeks, and pointed ears. They are Medium sized tending towards tall.

Class Choices: Scouts, Gunslingers, Ruffians, Scoundrels, Mentalists, or Shamans. Bold denotes preferred, gains 5% extra experience.

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