They are no-good cheats and backstabbers. They have a + 3 bonus to Sneaky. This bonus increases by + 1 at 3rd, 6th and 9th level also. If they successfully sneak up on a foe (usually Sneaky + DEX, but depends on situation), their backstab damage equals their Sneaky skill rank x2 (add this to the base weapon damage) of their first attack (must “sneak up” again for second backstab).

Scoundrels can use their DEX + level as their melee attack bonus instead of STR + level if they are using a 1-handed weapon. A scoundrel can use any melee weapon except a sword, as that’s a gentleman’s weapon. They can use pistols and shotguns. A character’s got to have a minimum of 1 in DEX to be a Scoundrel.

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