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As a player, you will have one character you control. Your job is to create that character at the beginning of the game and then decide what they do in the game. Your job is more self-explanatory than the GMs, but here are some things you should do.

Slay monsters and save the helpless. Your character isn’t required to be a good person or a hero. With that said, it’s assumed that when the chips are down, you will fight on the side of good for whatever reason you may have. Work together. Your character might be a cold son -of -a -bitch, but remember that they are a character in a rough world and you are playing a game with friends. In the game world, the PCs might have arguments, but in the end they are a band of travelers with common goals.

Help the GM. The GM is in charge of the world, but you can help them out. First, play in their adventure. Don’t go charging off into the brush when it’s obvious they’ve made an adventure that goes into a mine. Second, let them know the kind of stuff you want to see in the game. Be excited. You shouldn’t hog the spotlight, but when it’s time for your character to do something, do something cool. Be smart and keep your character from buying the farm, but don’t cringe away from all danger. Third, Describe what your character is doing with some detail – - – “I draw my Winston .45 and try to nail the goblin in the shoulder” is far more interesting than, “I shoot him.”

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